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Life In Fairfield


Fairfield County enjoys four distinct seasons. It is cool in the spring and fall, warm in the summer and cold, but not too cold, in the winter. You don’t have to worry about digging your car out of the snow here. For the past 40 years Winnsboro has received 2 inches of snow each year on average.


Total precipitation averages about 45 to 50 inches per year.


The average temperatures for the town of Winnsboro are:

- January, high 52 low 31 April, high 74 low 48

- July, the warmest month in Winnsboro , high 91 low 71

- October high 74 low 49

Available Properties

Fairfield County has thousands of acres primed for Industrial use and a diverse inventory of existing buildings, all within a few minutes of interstate access.



Over 1 million people within an hour's drive and nearly half the US population within a single days' drive. Two hours from the most efficient port on the East Coast.