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The Mamba Mentality is Alive in Fairfield County
By Sam Hodges

Yesterday, Kobe Bryant would have turned 42 years old. He remains an inspiration and an idol to many across the globe. Kobe had a remarkable career on and off the court. He was an entrepreneur, creator, innovator, hustler, scholar, and father. There are many things that Kobe Bryant’s legacy can teach us. One of the most important being that hard-work and determination will always prevail. In this Read More...

What is the Reshoring Effect?
By Sam Hodges

COVID-19 has brought new challenges to manufacturers across the country. It has devasted some and increased business for others. In this week’s blog, we explain what the “reshoring effect” is and how Read More...

Sea Pro Boats, LLC Expanding Operations in Fairfield County
More than $3 million investment creating 135 new jobs

COLUMBIA, S.C. -  Sea Pro Boats, LLC, a saltwater fishing boat manufacturer, today announced plans to expand operations in Fairfield County. The more than $3 million investment is expected to create Read More...

Pharmacy-Lite Packaging Establishing Operations in Fairfield County
Investment creating 33 new jobs

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Pharmacy-Lite Packaging, a division of Pacific Management Holdings, LLC, today announced plans to establish operations in Fairfield County. The company’s $2.9 million investment is Read More...

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